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Ministry Leaders.

Greeters Ministry 

Sis Catina Burch
We are the first individuals that visitors see as they enter into the church. In those first few minutes, opinions are being formed.
 It is our duty to be friendly and show agape love to everyone that enters through the doors of Mt Olive.
 Our goal is to always show kindness to our visitors and members, and to ensure a positive atmosphere. We are responsible for creating the “first impression”.
 All greeters are volunteers. Each greeter is assigned a Sunday to greet everyone, read approved announcements and welcome visitors.
Greeters must be dedicated, dependable, faithful, self motivated, hospitable, and gracious.
 The Greeters Ministry is open to any member who is willing to share a smile and give a warm welcome to our visitors.

Ushers Ministry

Bro. Justin Johnson
The Usher Ministry is a ministry where we utilize our spiritual gifts of hospitality, helping, and giving.
   Vision Statement
To  serve God and the Church  congregation with excellence.
To ensure that all souls who enter the sanctuary are graciously received with a spirit of warmth and enthusiasm exemplifying Christ.
  Ministry Description
The Usher Ministry consists of two groups:
Adult Ushers and Youth Ushers.
Our Usher Ministry’s focus is to remain faithful and committed to Christ. We realize in order to be the best one standing for Jesus, we have to stand on the Word of God.
           Our Motto
“If every usher were just like me, what would our Usher’s Ministry be?”

 Music Ministry

Bro. Michael Gardner
The gift of music is a treasure to be shared. The Music Ministry at Mt. Olive Baptist Church offers a wide variety of musical experiences for members of all ages.
         Our Mission
To magnify and glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do. It is also the mission of the music ministry to facilitate the fulfillment of the overall mission and vision of this church through the delivery of spirit-led music that enhances the worship service through high, clear sound quality.
       Our Objective
To bridge the gap between young and old Christians by rendering unique songs that minister to the Spirit.
To usher in the anointing through music that edifies, inspires, and challenges Christians to experience Christ on a personal level.
We are constantly welcoming new members to our ensemble. Together we can experience comfort, encouragement and communicate the eternal truth of God's Word as we glorify our Lord through music.  

Media Ministry

Deacon Kevin Bryant 
The Media Ministry employs live video visual, and lighting technology to enhance the worship experience and other church activities.
The Media Ministry seeks to spread the Gospel in a creative way by utilizing  video technology, and Social Media for God's glory.
We provide services related to visual video, photography and telecommunications.
Sub committees included in this Ministry are:
  • CD Audio Recording
  • We strive to spread God's Word and the ministries by capturing activities of the church through live video & photography.  
  • Short Film Recording
  • Photography-By Deacon Bruce Abram taking photos of church members and activities within the church.
  • Facebook Social Media live streaming, Youtube streaming, Instagram picture posting, Power Point Presentations, and Video illustrations are also a part of the Ministry. 

Health Awareness Ministry

Bro. Joshua White
What is Health Awareness Ministry?
The Health Awareness Ministry helps the congregation care for one another by attaining, maintaining, and or regaining the best possible holistic health-wellness of body, mind, and spirit that can be experienced.
The Health Awareness Ministry is a unique blending of health professional, skillful laymen and spiritual caregivers.
These members combine their knowledge and experience with their willingness to serve and support the Pastor as he cares for the spiritual health of the congregation. They respond to the unique health needs of the congregation and the community.
Our goal is to promote holistic wellness of the church's membership and the community through advocating, educating, screening, and referrals. 

Deacons Ministry

Chairman  Michael Shaw

We are the support Ministry that meets the needs of a growing congregation.
We aspire to be the most responsible and respected Ministry at the Mount Olive Baptist Church and to take ownership in supporting the vision of the Church.
      Our Goals
  • To Minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our church families. 
  • To assist and relieve the pastor of any task necessary.
  • To strive for unity within the local Body of Christ.
Acts 6:3
Wherefore, brethren look out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. 

Transportation Ministry

Deacon Calvin Williams

We dedicate ourselves to
the advancement of Kingdom of God by providing passengers reliable and safe transportation to and from worship services and other church related functions as necessary.
                                      Our Goal
To encourage passengers while in transit to and from church service. To serve with a smile, a prayer and a promise to obey God's command to be disciples.

             Matthew 25:40 (NIV)
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and
sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Seniors Wisdom Ministry 

Sis. Sadie Jackson

The  Mission is to  glorify God by ministering to our Senior Adults spiritually and physically. We want to ensure that no one is lost or forgotten, even if they are
confined at home or in an assisted facility.
                          Our Purpose
The purpose of the Seniors Ministry is to provide a comprehensive ministry that continues to reach Senior Adults; To enhance their lives, to encourage them to grow in the Lord, and to challenge them to serve the Lord with all of their
It is the desire of the Seniors’ Ministry to provide activities and fellowship for the seasoned members of our church and community. To remind them that they are still needed in the work of the Lord and to allow them
every opportunity to share their gifts, wisdom and knowledge with others as they continue their walk with the Lord. God's intention for the aging is to flourish, to bear fruit, and to have a quality of life grounded in his word.

Back Door Ministry

Sis. Bobbie Washington
The  Backdoor/Assimilation Ministry is designed to:
Provide new members with a powerful and positive first impression of our church at intake.
Focus on, nurture, guide and intentionally reach out to new members to ensure that they become acclimated to our church and t connect with and become an active member of at least one church ministry team.
Assist new members to integrate into the life of the church so that they will become an active, responsible and committed member of the body of Christ.
Help create an environment that is hospitable and friendly within the congregation-- one in which new members feel loved, welcomed, accepted and have a sense of belonging.
Maintain constant contact with new members for at least three (3) months to ensure that they don't get lost in the sanctuary.
Have the mindset of Ephesians 4:1 Which states:"He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other paarts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love."

Couples Ministry

Bro. Derrick & Sis. Shannon Henderson 
The Couples Ministry is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship as a couple.
Whether you are newly married or have been with your spouse for years, our Couples Ministry reinforces the covenant of marriage.
We assist in helping couples build and maintain strong and healthy marriages. Couples are ministered to through classes, panel discussion, social outings and much more.
Some events and services will include but not limited to: meetings, activities, social events (including annual honeymoon retreat), workshop seminars and coaching.
Our mission is to create events, and support services that will strengthen your foundation, giving you the tools to build and extraordinary marriage. Develop and understanding of what the bible says about marriage.
Our vision is to build, enhance and sustain relationships through God's Word. Our hope is to help couples thrive not just survive in their marriage by offering the necessary tools to maximize their relationships to the fullest potential in every area of their marriage.
Target audience: Engaged couples, Couples dating with intent of marriage, Married Couples, Couples in crisis. 

Sunday School Ministry 

Deacon Michael Gay 
The Mission of the Sunday School Ministry is to educate all people about God's Holy Word by the aid of the Holy Spirit; To help everyone understand Biblical principles and grow in the knowledge of God.
Q: Why do you need to go to Sunday School ?
A: To improve your Bible Knowledge to enhance your relationship with Jesus !
When you know and understand God's Word for yourself, you are more likely to obey the Lord.
Sunday School assists your spiritual growth, provides a place to belong, helps to build meaningful relationships and gives you an opportunity to serve and minister.
Sunday School has a place for the entire family.

Brytni Mc Call

Childrens Ministry
Mission Statement: S.W.A.T.  (Students With A Testimony) is a student Ministry where youth grow together, take time to converse, fellowship, and stretch one another to reach the full potential that God has blessed us with.
Objective: To make disciples who will live according to biblical principles. Mentors will equip students by modeling Christ like behavior.
  • Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
  • Draw young people to be responsible participants in the Christian life and church.
  • See the power of God unleashed through the lives of these young people.  
Adult mentors are there to teach, supervise, offer guidance, support, and provide resources. Each student will be an active participant in one or more of the ministry teams.
S.W.A.T. will prepare students so that by the time they enter the 12th grade they are fully devoted followers of Christ and are ready to take their leadership skills and ministry experience into college, careers, and other parts of the world.