Food Bank

Hours of Operation are every 3rd Tuesday of the Month @9:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M. Office Phone (318) 938-1645.
The USDA Food Pantry is govern by the USDA Food Administration under the Direction of Pontress Dawson, 2nd Assist Maxine Johnson. Deputy Director Pastor Marcus Ellison. Our 1st Mission is to reduce hunger in the  Rural Areas of the following communities, Greenwood, Bethany, Spring-ridge, Four-forks, and Keatchie. The Requirement is simple provide proof  of residency, income an example may include benefits statement, such as social security, or  retirement, you may acquire a statement from your local Social Security Administration Office. You may also qualify with a employment check stub. Once all income guidelines are met the application is Good for 1 Year which will have to be re-certified annually. We are currently serving over 3,000 Pounds of food per month. On behalf of The Mt Olive USDA Pantry. 

We Are Proudly Serving, our Motto is .....
"Each One Can Reach One".